Ordinal numbers in javaScript

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By Addam Driver

I came across a need to display numbers with “ordinals” in one of our pages at Foxsports.com.

For those of you who don’t know what an ordinal number is, here is the short definition: the “st”, “nd”, “rd” after a “number”. example: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.

I didn’t see any scripts out there that did the mathematics for this properly, so I created one that works pretty well. Check it out!

What it does:

– It will take whatever number you pass it and return the correct ordinal for that particular number.
- ex: if you pass in “3“, it will return “3rd“… or pass in “2011“, it will return “2001th“.

subScript: // values: sub or sup… this will return the number with the ordinal surrounded by an HTML sub script tag or super script tag

How to call it:

ordinal ( 15 , { sScript: “sup” } );
The result will be: 15th.

** Click here to DOWNLOAD the script **

Here is the code:

/* BEGIN: [Ordinal Number Format v.1 :: Author: Addam Driver :: Date: 10/5/2008 ]
    ** Disclaimer:  Use at your own risk, copyright Addam Driver 2008  
    ** Example on calling this function:
    ** ordinal(this, {subScript: true});
    ** The Ordinal script will append the proper ordinal to any number like: 1st, 2nd, 33rd, etc.
    ** If you pass the "subScript:true" option, then it will use the html subscript for the new ordinal
function ordinal(num, options){		
    var options = options || {}; // setup the options
    var sScript = options.sScript; // get subscript if needed
    var mod1 = num%100; // get the divided "remainder" of 100
    var mod2 = num%10; // get the divided "remainder" of 10
    var ord; // ste the ordinal variable
    if((mod1-mod2) == 10){ // capture 10
        ord = "th"; // set the oridnal to th as in: 10th
    }else{// for everything else
        switch(mod2){  // check the remainder of the 10th place
            case 1: // if 1 as in 1st
                ord = "st"; // set the ordinal
            case 2: // if 2 as in 2nd
                ord = "nd";// set the ordinal
            case 3: // if 3 as in 3rd
                ord = "rd";// set the ordinal
            default: // for everything else
                ord = "th";// set the ordinal
        case "sub":
            return num+"<sub>"+ord+"<\/sub>";	// put the ordinal in the HTML sub script
        case "sup":
            return num+"<sup>"+ord+"<\/sup>";	// put the ordinal in the HTML super script
            return num+ord;

I hope this helps someone out there! Cheers!

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