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By Addam Driver

Unlike javaScript arrays, the “.length” property doesn’t exist in objects. Why? because it’s an object of data. Just a place to store stuff. So here’s a small and simple script you can run to return the length of an object so you can sift through it.


function getObjectSize(obj) {
var size = 0, key; // get the size data
for (key in obj) { // check the okeys in the object
if (obj.hasOwnProperty(key)) size++; // increase the size
return size; // return the size of the object

var myObject = {“name”:”Addam”; “date”:”11/23/2011″};
var myObjectSize = getObjectSize(myObject);

The variable “myObjectSize” will return “2″ as there are 2 items in the object.

Happy Coding!

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